RMBG Media

Beyond the Gates: A Cemetery Explorer’s Guide to Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Revere, MA | Mount Auburn Cemetery: A blog post from the website of Mount Auburn Cemetery, November 2020.

The proud history of the city of Revere (wcvb.com): A clip from Channel 5’s Chronicle that features RMBG among other fascinating aspects of Revere’s history, September 2020

Saugus Teacher Helps Keep History Alive: An article / interview from The Daily Item, July 2020.

Markers of Progress: A short article from The Revere Journal, June 5, 2019, about preservation work being done in RMBG.

The Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Walking Tour: An article about our 2018 tour from The Revere Journal, October 2018

Pratt Family Descendants Visit Rumney Marsh Burial Ground From California: An article from The Advocate, October 2018

City’s Historic Cemetery Is In Grave Condition: An article about the formation of our committee from boston.com, January 2008

Cemetery Reminds Writer of Oasis: An article from The Revere Journal, published on September 29, 1966. Transcribed with footnotes and images of the original article.

Pictures from The Boston Traveler, November 13, 1946