RMBG Media

Beyond the Gates: A Cemetery Explorer’s Guide to Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Revere, MA | Mount Auburn Cemetery: A blog post from the website of Mount Auburn Cemetery, November 2020.

The proud history of the city of Revere (wcvb.com): A clip from Channel 5’s Chronicle that features RMBG among other fascinating aspects of Revere’s history, September 2020

Saugus Teacher Helps Keep History Alive: An article / interview from The Daily Item, July 2020.

Markers of Progress: A short article from The Revere Journal, June 5, 2019, about preservation work being done in RMBG.

The Rumney Marsh Burial Ground Walking Tour: An article about our 2018 tour from The Revere Journal, October 2018

Pratt Family Descendants Visit Rumney Marsh Burial Ground From California: An article from The Advocate, October 2018

City’s Historic Cemetery Is In Grave Condition: An article about the formation of our committee from boston.com, January 2008

The Story of Ye Olde Rumney Marsh Burial Ground: A video produced in 2008 by Sound and Vision Media and Fleetwood Multimedia

A Short History of the Olde Burying Ground: An article from The Revere Journal, published on February 26, 1975

Cemetery Reminds Writer of Oasis: An article from The Revere Journal, published on September 29, 1966. Transcribed with footnotes and images of the original article.

Pictures from The Boston Traveler, November 13, 1946

Old Rumney Marsh Cemetery: Historic Revere Landmark: An article from The Revere Journal, published on June 18, 1932