The Families of RMBG

If you stroll through RMBG you will quickly notice that certain names pop up frequently: Floyd, Bill, Hasey, Cheever, Tewksbury, Pratt, Oliver, and others. These are the earliest settlers of this area, who endured as Rumney Marsh became Chelsea, then North Chelsea, then Revere. They provided the town with ministers, teachers, and councilors who shaped the community as it evolved. They also filled roles such as hogreeves and fence viewers, jobs which may not be familiar to us in 2020 but were essential in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some were soldiers who fought in pivotal battles of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Some owned the slaves who are buried along the outskirts of RMBG. All in all, they created what is now Revere and also influenced the development of Winthrop, Chelsea, and East Boston.

This page will eventually contain links to pages dedicated to each of these families, featuring images of their gravestones and brief biographical details. Hopefully this information will help give life (so to speak) to the people of RMBG and make visits to the burial ground more meaningful.

The Haseys

The Cheevers

The Eustises