Pictures From The Boston Traveler, November 13, 1946

A caption glued to the back of these pictures reads:

Once restored and now on its way downhill again is the little walled in Rumney Marsh Burial Ground, Butler Street, Revere. At left, vandals have removed the first cannonball from the monument marking the spot where Union dead lie, undisturbed by picnickers and hoodlums in the plot. The neat white stones are almost obscured by weeds. At right, a grave has been registered with a crayon mark, while a nearby stone, pushed over and broken, admonishes: “Reader Remember Death.”

The stone in the background is William Low, who died in 1789. The 113 is still faintly visible. The broken stone in the foreground is Sally Ratchford, who died in 1808. No trace of her stone remains in RMBG.